Francesca Jones

Animal Care Assistant

Francesca Jones - Animal Care Assistant
Francesca Jones Animal Care Assistant

I was born in Surrey and moved to West Sussex in 2017, I am currently living in Wisborough Green, with my family and our array of animals.

I am extremely enthusiastic about animals and have been surrounded by various animals my whole life, from rottweilers, sugar gliders, rams and alpacas, to name a few!. I currently have 3 dogs - Bella, Darla and Groot, a Dog de Bordeaux, who live happily alongside our 2 cats Darcy and Fessil, 2 rams, 5 goats and 19 alpacas.

Outside of work, I love to travel and cook with my partner, other interests include going to the theatre, music events and festivals with friends. I also have a large collection of house plants, with my partner which seems to be ever growing!

I have always wanted to pursue a career working with animals and learn more about the veterinary world. Between 2016 and 2021 I completed two Degrees and a Veterinary Medicine Diploma, prior to going to Vet School for a year in 2021. After completing the year, I decided I resonated more with the role of a Veterinary Nurse and I am looking forward to training as one, hopefully in the near future.