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As we are a recently established veterinary clinic, the practice has been designed and constructed to enable us to provide the best possible environment for treating your pets. One of the positive sides of being a new practice was that we were able to work with the architect during the design of the practice layout, features and specification. This insight and opportunity has led to some great features.

  • Dog and Cat Wards
  • Waiting Areas
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Operating Theatre
  • In-House Laboratory
  • ECG/Holter Monitor
  • Endoscope and Bronchoscope

Dog and Cat Wards

Having separate dog and cats wards allows us to provide the best possible hospital environment for your pet. The cats kennels all face one direction so the cats do not face each other, often “Classic FM” is played quietly to provide a tranquil environment but also stopping general noise from the practice disturbing the cats. There is also a long window along the length of the ward allowing plenty of natural light and when the sun is out an opportunity for the cats to bask in the sunshine. The dogs kennels again all face one direction to prevent any stress from facing others, we have a walk in kennel which is great for large breed dogs but also for dogs needing to stay with us for longer periods. The dogs also have the added advantage of the garden and field for lead walking allowing hospitalised patients some outside time.

Waiting Areas

Veterinary surgery waiting rooms can often be busy and noisy places, which can be stressful especially if you are an anxious or unwell pet. If for any reason when you arrive reception is noisy or busy please ask the reception staff to have your pet taken to a quiet area in the clinical part of the practice or equally you can wait in your car if you would prefer. If you have an anxious dog we are more than happy for you to wait in the car or have a short walk around the practice rather than them become stressed in the waiting room. Please let us know how we can best accommodate your pet and we will do all we can to provide this for you.

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound

At the clinic we have digital x-ray and ultrasound facilities. These facilities allow us to perform a thorough investigation into your pets problem. The digital x-ray allows us to radiograph any part of your animals body and as it is digital the x-ray is available almost instantly and allows us to view the image in various forms and magnifications. Ultrasound is most commonly used to image the abdominal organs and heart for diagnosis of various conditions; we also use the ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis.

Operating Theatre

There is a fully equipped operating theatre at the clinic where a large variety of surgical procedures can be performed on your pet, from standard neutering procedures to more extensive operations such as bladder stone removal, fracture repair, caesarian section or even open chest surgery.

In-House Laboratory

For the majority of our laboratory work the samples are sent to external laboratories where there are numerous tests available that are performed under standardised and calibrated conditions. We have an overnight courier service to one of the large external laboratories meaning we can often have test results within 24 hours. In house we have a catalyst blood machine that allows us to check vital blood parameters in urgent/emergency situations. We also have a microscope and other equipment that allow us to examine blood smears, cytology and perform urine diagnostics at the clinic.

ECG/Holter Monitor

We have an ECG monitor at the clinic, this allows us to examine your pets heart electrical activity and check for and diagnose abnormal rhythms. This is also used to monitor critically ill patients and animals under anaesthetic. The clinic has access to a Holter monitor which is a mobile ECG monitor that can be attached to your pet for 24 hours and allows us to review their hearts electrical activity over the 24 hour period, this is particularly useful in cases of collapse due to an abnormal heart rhythm that only occurs intermittently.

Endoscope and Bronchoscope

We have both an endoscope and bronchoscope at the practice. An endoscope is a long thin flexible tube with a light and camera that allows us to examine various areas of the body, it is mainly used to examine the gastrointestinal tract and can allow us to remove foreign material or take biopsies of the stomach and intestines. The bronchoscope is specificaly used to examine the airways and can take samples for analysis or biopsies.



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Wellness Screenings for Pets

Wellness Screenings for Pets

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Disabled Facilities

At the practice we have disabled access with a designated parking spaces and an accessible toilet. If you require any further assistance, please contact Reception where a member of our team will be able to assist you.

Would you like to have a look around?

Due to the clinic being a busy place we are unable to allow tours of the practice at peak times but if you wanted to see behind the scenes we would be more than happy to arrange a time when it would be suitable for you to visit.