Josie Bessant

Animal Care Assistant

Josie Bessant
Josie Bessant Animal Care Assistant

Josie has now gone to university to study full time, however, she remains on our bank staff list and therefore we will be pleased to see her when she is home and can fit in some shifts arounds her studies.

Josie joined our team in March 2021 and is the youngest member of the team having completed her GCSEs last year at Tanbridge House School. She is currently studying Level 3 Animal Management at Brinsbury College.

Josie has always been passionate about animals and having grown up in Dubai, saw all of the exotic pets people had there, further deepening her interest in animal care. Though Josie is currently an Animal Care Assistant with us, she is hoping to gain a degree in Vet Nursing.

Josie currently lives with her family in Warnham and has 3 pets of her own; 4 year old cats Inky and Tali and a rabbit called Oreo.

In her spare time Josie volunteers at a birds of prey centre in Horsham and is learning how to fly falcons/use the swung lure. She is also an avid baker and enjoys singing, acting and playing ukulele and bass guitar.