Laura Martin

Head Nurse

Laura Martin - Head Nurse
Laura Martin RVN Head Nurse

Laura grew up in Southwater and is now living with her husband in their first home, with their Burmese cats called Albus & Snitch, her lizard and a beautiful Bichon called Missy!

Laura joined Maltman Cosham Vets in December 2011, as an Animal Care Assistant and qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in August 2015. Over the years, she has progressed up to becoming one of our fantastic Head Nurses. 

In her spare time, Laura enjoys walking her Bichon Missy and socialising with her friends. 

In October 2018, Laura and her husband went to Malawi, to volunteer in a wildlife sanctuary. Whilst she was there, she carried out a lot of primate behaviour observations, vervet monkey anaesthetics and provided enrichment for the orphaned monkeys. They also went on a safari weekend in Zambia. Laura and her husband are planning another adventure for this year.